April 02, 2015

University Of New Mexico Pro-Islamic State Panel

That the panel was "pro-ISIS" is disputed.

A video (seen above) making its rounds on Facebook claiming that a pro-ISIS group held a panel at the University of New Mexico Wednesday is false; the panel was in fact a discussion about ISIS, but was hosted by Muslim leaders and focused on the differences between the beliefs of ISIS members and the Muslim community in general.
The discussion is posted here on Youtube.

Update: More here at Lady Liberty. Although the claim "debunked" is put forward the uploaded videos are incomplete.

Though the panel was open to the public, Mr. Guebara states on his Facebook page he was asked to leave. I have screen shots of his FB posting and will provide these if asked, but I will not link it. According to another attendee’s post on a Facebook status, the panelists were asked repeatedly if they were against ISIS. The questions were basically ignored and were answered with the statement “we are Islamic”. I have reached out to that attendee as well as the UNM Muslim Student Association for further comment. The other attendee would not speak with me. The UNM Muslim Student Association did release a statement on their Facebook page regarding the video:

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