April 02, 2015

Tikrit: Let the Looting Begin!

Iraqi forces retook Tikrit this week.


Pro-government militiamen were seen looting shops in the centre of the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Wednesday after its recapture from the Islamic State jihadist group in a month-long battle.

The militiamen took items including clothing, shampoo and shaving cream from two shops in central Tikrit before driving away.

Free shampoo!

Mass graves.

Pictures of the executions released by the IS group showed the police building and several recruits in plainclothes being frogmarched to the waterfront, shot and pushed into the river.

Ghaban said a burial site was found a few metres (yards) away in the riverside complex of palaces that former president Saddam Hussein had built in his hometown.

- Matching IDs -

"We found dozens of ID cards in a pile of waste near the site," said policeman Hussein al-Rikabi, who took AFP to the site.

He said the documents matched the names of Speicher recruits known to have been executed or who had gone missing since jihadists took over Tikrit and large parts of Iraq in June 2014.

Traces in the ground suggested that earth moving machinery had been used to bury something.

"We don't know how many bodies are in this mass grave, we are waiting for a special committee to come and carry out the work," he said.

Its nice to see Islamic culture blossoming.

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