March 23, 2015

Illiterate Dumbass Afghans Murder Woman Over Shop Selling Magic Rocks


Farkhunda, who like many Afghans has just one name, was a 27-year-old who wore a religious veil and held a degree in religious studies, according to the AP. The details of her killing seem to get murkier with each day since her death, as people offer competing narratives about the mob’s motivations. Everyone seems to agree that on Thursday, she got into an argument with a man who sold amulets in front of the Shah-Do Shamshera shrine. She regarded amulet-sellers as parasites, friends and family members told the AP, and dissuaded others from buying them.

From there, narratives diverge. One of the shrine attendants, Zain-Ul-Din, claimed Farkhunda tossed pages of the Koran into a fire pit intended for disposal of trash, according to the New York Times. He fished a few burned pages from the pit and laid them on a plank of wood, which he carried outside.

So what is the bigger insult against Islam, selling magic rocks or being so damned illiterate you can't tell a Koran from any other book.
La Times: Daiul Haq Abid, deputy minister in the government's Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, told Afghanistan's TOLOnews television that there was no evidence found to prove Farkhunda burned a Koran. "The burned papers were pieces of a Persian book," he said.

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