March 09, 2015

Israeli Foreign Minister Suggests Treating Terrorists Like Terrorists Treat Others Hilarity Ensues

Never has there been such an outcry over actual beheadings like the outcry over the suggestion of beheading terrorists in Israel.

For this foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman wins troll of the day.

Those with us, should receive everything” in terms of rights, he says, according to Channel 2. “Those against us, it cannot be helped, we must lift up an ax and behead them — otherwise we will not survive here.”

He says Israel is too “stupid, stingy, and soft” on the matter.

During this election campaign, Liberman has repeatedly called for the death penalty for terrorists.

“Israeli citizens who raise a black flag on Nakba day — from my perspective, they should get out of here, and I would willingly and with great pleasure hand them over to Abu Mazen [Abbas],” he adds, referencing his plan for land swaps in the event of a future Palestinian state, which he has argued should absorb Arab Israelis.

Its quite amazing that the suggestion of an execution caused so much outrage. Israel has only executed on person, by hanging, in its entire history. While IS and other terrorist proudly and openly butcher people every day.

Your thoughts betray you.

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