February 12, 2015

Reports: Kayla Mueller May Have Been Naive or Sympathetic Leftist

I've been reading reports and criticisms that Kayla Mueller may Have bought into the whole Syrian Dead Baby Propaganda Campaign, that she may have sympathized with the plight of the Palestinians, that it was images of terrorist loving dead baby campaigners on the internet that prompter her to go to Syria.

So f*cking what? Really.

She would not be the first nor the last person to go off to the Middle East with these views to end up learning the hard way that the terrorists really are evil.

Tom Fox of Christian Pacemakers comes to mind, Tom was beheaded in Iraq for the same thing. Going there believing that he had to help and for his trouble he was rewarded by having his head chopped off by the very people he tried to help.

The bottom line is that no matter Kayla's motivations, what Islamic state did was kidnap an innocent and hold her for ransom. They took her freedom and falsely imprisoned her. Talking nice to a falsely imprisoned person and giving them a kebab doesn't take away the fact that they are held hostage.

Nor that they died in the hands of the kidnappers. No one deserves what happened to Kayla and Tom and countess others at the hands of these terrorists.


I believe that Kayla probably did go to help suffering Syrian children.

Its a shame that those making war in Syria use the broken bodies of children that died in their war to drag people into their little death trap. I don't blame Kayla for having a heart, I blame those who took her for not having one.

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