February 11, 2015

Obama Wants Congress to Vote on Another BS What War? Declaration Against ISIS?

I hear Obama send congress a note saying something like, he wanted to bomb some more stuff but you know its not really a war war I just want to halfass another war. You know so people can hear about it on the news and it looks like we're doing our job.

This is how you lose a war, pretend its not one.

Look, declare ISIS an Unlawful Belligerent State actor who has has both declared and has made war on the Unites States and its allies and that a state or war exists between the United States and ISIS.

An "Authorization" will gain no respect from the enemy, the enemy that we intend to dismantle and destroy. But not really dismantle and destroy, just kinda dismantle and destroy a little bit, for a few years maybe we dunno.

So I call on the congress to vote on an actual State of War with ISIS and that we fight that war to their unconditional surrender. All honest and old fashioned like.

Because unless ten states siege those ISIS sons of bitches in Raqqa until they cry uncle in utter defeat, you'll have no peace. What you will have is another bunch of people dying in half assed wars for another fifteen to forever years.

If that is what you want, then vote on another half-assed Use of Force Authorization, when you do you consign untold numbers more to death than those that would die in a fair and decisive fight.

Look, half-assed isn't going to work on ISIS.

Do it right, or don't do it at all.

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