February 06, 2015

US Female Hostage Reportedly Killed in Airstrike

Jawa Report has been aware of the identity of the female US hostage for some time.

It was there to be found on the internet if you looked. Today ISIS claims she was killed in an airstrike.

Which is terrible, but not as terrible as if she had died at the hands of ISIS.

There are things worse than death.

I see several outlets have run her name already, so here is the claim.

I would want to stress that at this time the claim only includes images of a building ISIS claims she was held in. They have provided no proof of life or death.

There are some hashes on her here and here and here.

Let us also recall that ISIS lied about the Jordanian pilot being dead, she could be alive or ISIS might have already killed her and used the airstrikes as an excuse.

Thanks toLady Liberty 1885.

Update: Quite the the achiever for such a young lady.

Update: Her parents have now spoken to CNN.

Therefore I will post; RIP Kayla Jean Mueller, may the Lord keep her and comfort her family.

Kayla was nearly rescued once with US special forces finding some of her hair but Mueller had been moved.

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