February 05, 2015

The Blessed Droning of al-Harith bin-Ghazi al-Nadhari

He's dead Jim!

A prominent cleric in the Al-Qaida in Yemen organization was among those killed in a drone strike this weekend, the group says. Sheik Harith al-Nadhari was among those who praised the recent attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

From the AP:"A statement posted Thursday on a Twitter account run by the group said Sheik Harith al-Nadhari was among those killed in the Jan. 31 strike. Al-Nadhari was among the group's few public faces and recently appeared in an al-Qaida video praising last month's deadly attack by militants at the offices of a satirical French magazine."

Droned Baby!


Dear AQAP we don't forget our friends. Viva Lafayette!

From what I understand there was nothing left of him and his three pals but a greasy spot. I had their names in some window here.

AQAP named the three others as Said Bafaraj, Abdelsamie al-Haddaa and Azzam al-Hadrami.

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