January 26, 2015

CyberJihadis on Twitter Becoming Annoying

The count of airplanes forced to land via twitter bomb threats is up to 4.

So those were the two planes in Atlanta, two more this weekend Seattle.

There are two solutions to this problem. One, Twitter stops giving Jihadis space on Twitter. They have done a good job the last few days suspending ISIS accounts. They could do it.

Or large companies could close their twitter accounts, I mean really, a large company want to open itself up to the chaos and unpredictability of social media is beyond me. Corporations usually like control over the narrative, you sure as hell won't get that on Twitter.

Of course the thing that frightens Twitter is not the Jihadi accounts but losing large corporations now given the history of Twitter bleeding cash, um yeah. That might get their attention. Providing the Jihadis "free speech" might become very expensive.

So if I were one of these airlines, I'd just dump Twitter and leave to jerks like those bloggers at Jawa Report.

Just saying.

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