January 15, 2015

Good Gun Control: Papa Johns Delivery Girl Has Good Aim (Update: Papa Johns Stands Behind Shooting Robbers in the Face F8ck Yeah!)

Face shot!

Daily Caller:

he employee was making a delivery in Decatur when she says she was ambushed by a man wielding a gun.

“She arrived at the location and a male began approaching the vehicle she thought was there to pick up the pizza,” DeKalb County Police Department Capt. Stephen Fore said, according to WSBTV. “When he got to her he produced a handgun and forced her out of the vehicle and on to the ground.”

But the woman, who has not been identified, had a gun in her pocket and was able to reach it while on the ground. From there, she was able to shoot her assailant, hitting him in the face.

She is now worried she'll be fired.

Would be robbers sure hope so, because IN THE FACE!

Update via Zip:

I can't get Zip to load so..

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