January 13, 2015

Teacher 23 Totally Rapes Student 18

The poor poor guy!

Jessica Bonnet Acker a 23 year old high school teacher at Bryant High in Cottondale, Alabama has been accused of having sex with an eighteen year old student, just seven months after marrying her husband.


The teachers’ arrest would come after authorities came to be tipped off that Acker was in the throes of a relationship with one of her pupils. Both Acker and the student in question would be interviewed before a warrant for Acker’s arrest was issued. Acker would in turn surrender to authorities the next day.

I mean for the husband, who married the whore.

But 18 and 23 rape? Inappropriate, and probably a policy violation. But is that rape the first or the 70th time or both?

I mean I can hear the victim's testimony now...

So you had sex with Mrs Acker? And then again and again and again?

Yeah it was awesome dude! She's a totally righteous babe!

Kids probably don't say righteous babe anymore do they?

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