January 08, 2015

Media Now in Full Denial of Reality Mode

So I accidentally switched on CNN last night. I guess my thumb must have slipped. Here's what I saw: Some guy moderating a "debate" between a gal who was saying that the Mohammad cartoons shouldn't have been published because they marginalized Muslims. The guy on the other side of the debate worried that yesterday's mass murder was really worrying because it might make Muslims the target of violence.

Then this morning I turned on the car and the radio was on NPR. All college professors are required to listen to NPR. It's in the job description. There was a "debate" between a gal saying that it was really hypocritical of some in the West to support the right to publish offensive cartoons because a few European countries outlaw hate speech directed at religions. On the other side of the debate was a guy saying that newspapers ought to self-censor so that we don't make Muslims angry. Making Muslims angry is bad.

In the Newspeak "debate" is defined as two sides passionately arguing over the same side of the coin.

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