December 30, 2014

Palestinian Zombie Shot Around 122 Times in Five Separate Incidents Dies Resurrected Dies Again

And then here lifeless body was beaten by a radical Zionist before she was once again resurrected.

Ma’an News reports on a strange hospital incident involving palestinian Amal Taqata, about whom I posted in the past.
a Palestinian woman from Beit Fajjar south of Bethlehem who is being treated from gunshot wounds

While sleeping in her hospital bed, she was awakened by a Jewish settler grabbing her hair. He then slapped her in the face

pointing out that she was shot five times in the leg, abdomen, chest, and arm

....Amal Taqtaqa, 22, was shot and killed Monday in cold blood...

... saying Amal was hospitalized due to the serious injuries she sustained after she was hit by four bullets...

Amal was shot by the soldier, injuring her foot ... he soldier shot at her foot again ... For the third time, the soldier shot at Amal’s foot...

...the soldier immediately shot her in the chest. The girl fell to the ground then tried to get up and run away, but the soldier shot her again in the feet causing her to fall down again then he approached her and shot a last round,” the official added....

The young woman was hit with twenty bullets by Israeli soldiers and settlers

Wow she's a bullet magnet.

 photo bomb_magnet-1.jpg

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