December 24, 2014

AQAP Releases Threats to Blow Up Airliner For Baby Jesus' Birthday

al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has issued a new issue of their magazine Inspire #13 and a video to go with it asking Muslims to blow up an airliner.

The video is called Open Source Jihad.


After some clips of US officials speaking of the threat al-Qaeda poses the video asks, "What if this can be made in the kitchen of your mother?"

Then the video shows and extensive production of the downing of a western airliner complete with screaming infidels being sucked out of a depressurized airliner and its crash.

Apparently a clip from World War Z according to readers

Jawa Report has obtained copies of both, I'm still looking these over.

It appears the magazine carries the same theme complete with how to instructions on committing a terrorist act against an airliner.

AQAP has long sought to bring down an airliner in a spectacular attack.


I see no indication at this point they have an attack planned, but instead hope to inspire Muslims in the west to carry out the attack in their stead. Just a reminder to stay vigilant and remember al-Qaeda wants to kill us and would if they could.

Given the recent spate of attacks its prudent to stay alert if you are traveling.

Update one of the lone wolf Jihadis in this weeks' series of attacks in France is featured in Inspire 13.


As is long time Jawa nemesis Samir Khan.


Gay, and also dead.

There is also an article on Ramzi Yusuf who was involved in the first World Trade Center bombing. Also a message to America holding up the Tsarnev brothers as heroes and threatening more attacks.

*Then followed by step by step instructions in building and sneaking a bomb onto an aircraft.

A more analysis here at IntelWire.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula put out the 13th issue of its English-language magazine Inspire, with content and timing clearly meant to invoke the specter of its most-mocked attack, the 2009 Christmas Day bombing attempt in which a would-be terrorist wearing an underwear bomb did incredible damage to his own genitalia but failed to take down a plane.

Much of the issue is devoted to instructions for a "new" kind of "hidden" bomb that "America does not expect," a self-defeating announcement intended more to provoke an outburst of security theater than anything else. If this bomb design has any purpose at all, it is to sell full-body scanners to airports, as the instructions helpfully note that the bomb is vulnerable to such.

... It also includes lackluster responses from Anwar Awlaki to questions posed years ago by Inspire readers, reading lists and lengthy psuedo-intellectual justifications of jihadist action, of the sort ISIS has largely rendered obsolete in favor of a stripped down argument that can be summarized as "let's just kill a bunch of folks."

Observation: AQAP assumes, logically, that anyone stupid enough to do this will still live with his mommy.

*Obviously we won't be giving out copies of this to the public for obvious reasons.

But selected analysts and readers, feel free to request a copy. We'll make that judgement on a case by case basis.

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