December 22, 2014

Two Three Terrorist Attacks in France

There were two attacks in France over the weekend. Last week a French speaking Jihadi called for attacks on France.

In one attack a man stabbed two french police Shouting Allahu Ackbar.

French police have gunned down a knife-wielding assailant who allegedly attacked officers while shouting "God is great" in Arabic.

The man had injured three officers at a police station in Tours, France, before he was shot, the BBC reported.

Investigators are looking into whether the attacker, identified only as Bertrand N., was a radicalized Muslim.

Christophe Crepin, a member of France's police union, said the man, thought to be a 20-year-old French national originally from east Africa, had "a long knife, like a kitchen knife.

There is a pic of Bertrand Nzohabonayo here at Rightscoop. He was a devout Islamist.

The second attack was when a crazed man ran down 13 people with his car Shouting Allahu Ackbar and complaining about the treatment of Muslim children in Palestine and Chechnya. A common complaint of Islamic Terrorists.

A man who reportedly spent time in a psychiatric hospital shouted "Allahu akbar!" as he rammed his car into crowds at five different locations around Dijon in central France on Sunday, injuring 11 people in a half-hour rampage.

At least two people were critically injured by a Renault Clio driven by a 40-year-old man, who witnesses said was acting for the "children of Palestine" and yelling "God is great," according to police.

The incident comes one day after French police gunned down a knife-wielding assailant who allegedly attacked officers while shouting "God is great" in Arabic. The man had injured three officers two seriously at a police station in Tours, France.

Counter-terrorist police are investigating the Tours attack amid general concern after several threats by Islamic extremist groups calling for attacks against France.

The government said the driver's motives Sunday were unclear, but the man had run-ins with police dating to the 1990s and was "apparently imbalanced," having spent time in a psychiatric hospital, the BBC reported.

Let me take this moment to point out again, that mental illness does not exclude Jihad as a motive. Oh he was crazy way before Islam.

That may be true but crazy and Jihad are not mutually exclusive categories, in fact they tend to go together. The attack in NY this weekend, yeah that dude had problems, one of them was radical Islam.

If you think there's not a lot more Crazy+Jihad out there, well sorry to say there is.

In a third totally isolated incident a tiny minority of one more Muslim runs down Christmas shoppers shouting Allahu Ackbar.

PARIS, Dec 22 (Reuters) - A man driving a van plowed into a crowd strolling through a Christmas market in Nantes in western France on Monday evening, injuring 10 people, an official at the local prefecture told Reuters.

Five people suffered serious injuries, including the driver, the official said.

According to local newspaper Ouest France, citing a police officer and witnesses on the scene, the driver of the white van shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is greatest" in Arabic) and then stabbed himself with a knife.

The Christmas market was evacuated and secured by police, a Reuters witness reported.

What? But, but I was told that Muslims love Baby Jesus?

Now they try and run down Baby Jesus' followers for Christmas shopping.

I'm starting to have mu doubts about this Religion of Peace.

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