December 16, 2014

In Yet Another Totally Isolated Incident Tiny Minority of Six Muslims Murder 130 Muslim Babies For Being The Wrong Kind of Muslim Babies

Um, uh didn't Islamic terrorists kill some people just yesterday? Is anyone possibly maybe seeing a trend here? Anyone?


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Taliban militants stormed an elite army high school in northwestern Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least 126 students and teachers and holding others hostage, in one of the worst school shootings in modern times, according to Pakistani security and hospital officials.

More than three hours after the siege began at mid-day on a Pakistan military installation in Peshawar, explosions and gunfire continued to be heard coming from the school.

The carnage strikes at the heart of Pakistan’s military — one of the nation’s most highly respected institutions — which is seen as the guardians of stability in a turbulent region and an important bridge between Pakistan and Western allies such as the United States.

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