December 12, 2014

Is ShamiWitness a Closet Homosexual?

Using a tool to search for items connected to ShamiWitness' email I found a lot of interesting stuff.

I found his twitter listed, his blogspot blog, his tumbler. his Picasa web album that was associated with his blogspot blog and was under his real name(since deleted confirming its him).

Mehdi has repeatedly stated that, "My life will be in danger if my identity is exposed", like he ever cared about the lives of those ho died at the hands of ISIS?

Which brings up a question, it is my experience that many so called Islamists are really sick people, people who get off on al-Qaeda snuff porn and endlessly post dead baby pics in an effort they claim is to highlight the plight of Muslim children. Really they are just sick people who get off on watching sick stuff on the internet.

But looking at Mehdi's facebook it seems that in real life he wasn't a dedicated Islamist at all. Eating pork at hawaiian parties. Wearing very secular dress and listening to a lot of western Music including leftists like Joan Baez.

So lets consider the possibility that Mehdi wasn't in it for Islam at all period. He as in it for the snuff porn and dead baby pics? I mean 3/4 Taliban webmasters have been proven to have homosexual child and beastial porn on their computers.

So establishing that one; I have ShamiWitness by the balls. And two; he often quotes Greek philosophers, there is one other thing the searches returned.

An entire series of blogs devoted to the ancient practice of Greek homosexuality and homosexuality in general mixed in with his Islamist blogs. And one "We are the 99% blog.




So its possible that Mehdi wanted to protect his email because either he wrote these blogs or he knew they were associated with his email address for some projects he worked with for homosexuals in the past?

I'm not sure, but it is interesting and ironic, no?

As US tears itself apart over torture of terrorists, let's just remember who we're up against: ISIS throws man off roof to his death for being gay – and strings up ‘rapists’ in the streets

An Islamic court ruled that he should be flung from the highest building
They posted the graphic images on a jihadist website

Maybe Mehdi's fear is not so much of the police or any of us but from the local Muslim community discovering his taste for the Greek and throwing him off a high place.

An act that his online persona would have cheered on because of his sick obsession with ISIS snuff porn and dead baby images.

He would not be the first fake Islamist known like that kind of thing.

Anyway, just asking questions here people just asking questions.

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