December 11, 2014

Brave al-Qaeda Muj Rolled in Ball Weeping For His Mommy

yemenipeepee.jpgGitmo is located somewhere near the arctic circle in Siberia. Wow I was unaware of the giant glaciers and freezing conditions in Cuba.

Samir Naji is a Yemeni who was accused of serving in Osama bin Laden's security detail and imprisoned for nearly 13 years...

It starts and ends in the silence of a tiny, freezing cold cell, alone.

That's when you hold yourself in a ball, and fight to ignore the confusion of what has just happened to you, and the fear of what might be coming next. Or the fear that comes when you realize that no one is coming to help; that the life, family and friends you knew are all far, far away.

So sad, I mean the terrorist is lonely, so so lonely. Sniff sniff.
I tell the interrogators that I can't face not eating any more. They throw food on the floor of the room and tell me to eat like a pig. They won't let me go to the restroom. They watch as it gets more painful, and laugh as they get the translator to describe how they will rape me if I pee in my pants.

The freezing cold cell. The cell door opens. They make me stand and salute the American flag.

'Merica! Fuck Yeah! He's going strait to hell for that.
I'm in a sort of cinema room, where I have to watch videos of other prisoners being abused. Then they tell me that I have to dance for them, and run in circles whilst they pull on my chains. Every time I try and refuse, they touch me in my most private areas.
They touched his Wee Wee!
The freezing cold cell....
Jawa report file image of the freezing Cuban tundra.
The cell door opens. It has rained, and there are muddy puddles everywhere. I'm shackled, so I can't really walk; they deliberately drag me through the muddy puddles.
OMG Puddles!

The Horror!

Well anyway what was pretty funny.

Don't F8ck with 'Merica!

And also CNN are a bunch of whiny treasonish al-Qaeda sucking ass-magots.

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