December 05, 2014

How bad is ISIS? Soooo bad, because they kill .... JOURNALLISTS!

This bad:

Through it all, an eclectic band of organizations, ranging from a multinational team of anti-war activists to the UNís local office, maintained scrupulous records of the dead. They logged every incident and released depressing day-by-day accounts of the carnage.

The emergence of the so-called Islamic State (IS or ISIS or ISIL) jihadist group has, however, plunged Iraq into a period of turbulence so debilitating that, for the first time, these death counts can no longer keep up with the killing.

The post goes on from there to some pretty horrible navel gazing as the real focus here is on members of the media getting killed:
Itís the sheer magnitude of the slaughter thatís overstretching these groupsí resources, but ISISís murderous approach to the media has compounded the problem. On top of the much publicized recent beheadings of two American journalists, ISIS also has killed dozens of Syrian and Iraqi reporters. Body counts rely heavily on local news articles for coverage of incidents in towns and rural pockets far from Baghdad, and the jihadistsí seizure of up to a third of Iraq has complicated attempts to report within their areas of control.
Kill an American soldier and you're a freedom fighter. Kill a journalist and you're a terrorist. Or something like that.

In the next war maybe we should just give all our soldiers press credentials? Maybe then they'd get some sympathy.

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