December 04, 2014

Live Orion Test Delay Video (SCRUBBED)

Maybe they are just waiting for folks to wake up.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Atop the most powerful rocket available, NASA's next-generation space capsule Orion is scheduled to launch Thursday morning from Cape Canaveral Air Station.

The launch was originally scheduled for 6:05 CST, but a boater too close to the launch area temporarily delayed take-off. Wind gusts have further delayed the launch, the window for which officially closes around 8:45 CST

The 4 1/2 hour, unmanned mission will give NASA a chance to test America's new workhorse spacecraft. In coming decades, Orion is expected to carry astronauts deep into space: to the Moon, asteroids, Mars and beyond.

This flight will give NASA and Orion's builder, Lockheed-Martin, critical information about how Orion jettisons parts of the rocket as it goes up; how aviation controls and computers function; and how electronics hold up in deep-space radiation.

Also being closely watched will be how its heat shields work as re-entry temperatures reach 4,000 degrees; and if its three sets of parachutes make the landing safe enough for humans.

Update: We suck.

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