December 03, 2014

Ishallahshaheed's Last Note to Mommy

The blessed release of the very last words of Samir Khan.


Cry baby cry, make your mother sigh.

I still remember those nights when I first arrived in Yemen. I was weeping profusely because I literally had left everything and was embarking upon a new chapter in my life, in hopes that my past sins would be erased
Samir sins remain it was he who was erased ;-)

And one last note to mommy.

Please excuse me, O love of my life.
You have always been a mother of mercy.
Forgive me for the errors of my days,
And pardon me for that phase.
I know that I have wounded your heart,
Since I frequently experience the same dart.
But Paradise is calling me to conquer my fears
Thus I flew across the sea leaving you in tears…
Please excuse me, and don’t say
That I separated myself from you to play.
How is it that I separated my soul
From the one who kept me from the cold?
How is it that I make you cry,
When you are the one most precious to my soul and eye?
You are more precious than the day which my heart loves
As the thought of you gathers the most beautiful doves.
If you knew all the facts
You would certainly relax.
So lend me your compassion,
As I explain myself in succinct words of expression.
Mother, the Muslim’s humiliation is called peace,
And the heedless Rulers have put the Ummah up for a lease.
Mother, the Regimes of Sabotage have gathered on our land,
Sinking our Ummah›s nobility to that of sand.
Mother, Palestine is the little child under the rubble,
And her grieving mother can only be heard in a bubble.
Mother, I can’t let this humiliation continue,
Allowing the disbelievers to rape our Nation in the holiest of venues.
The enemy will shout, yell and scream
But I will continue to let my heart beam
For I have put my worries behind my nation›s,
Preparing myself to leave all of life's stations,
Even if it means that I fight and die,
Without saying goodbye.
Mother I want to be above all of the strife,
So please excuse me, O love of my life.
LOL! What a vag.


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