December 01, 2014

What Really Happens to ISIS' Recruits

They tell stories of Jihad and Glory and Jannah, but ISIS recruits really end up like this, rotting corpses in the mud.



Not so glorious.

A British jihadi who fled the UK to fight alongside the Islamic State terror group has been killed in a firefight with Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq.

Abu Musa al-Sumali is understood to have been shot dead in a fierce gun battle with local resistance troops in Kirkuk province in the north of the country, where ISIS has carried out repeat attacks in recent weeks.

Like I said over the weekend Islamist ideologues and idealists will be the first ones that Baghdadi's Baathist generals will expend as cannon fodder and suicide bombers, lest they get any silly ideas about actually founding a state that deviates from the Baathist Fascist plans that Baghdadi and his former Saddam thugs have in mind.

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