December 01, 2014

US Targets IS in Raqqa With Impunity

If you're living in Raqqa and expect IS to protect you, don't. GTFO because we're just getting warmed up.

A wave of US-led air strikes have struck at least 30 targets around the Syrian city of Raqa, the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State group, a monitor said Sunday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the strikes took place before midnight Saturday and hit 30 targets on the northern outskirts of Raqa.

They also hit Division 17, a Syrian army base the jihadist group captured earlier this year.

Last week IS taunted the US when it took down a US RQ-180 drone. Would you care to taunt us a second time?

Pretty please.

Update: Sorry the reports last week were of an Iranian drone with a pusher prop similar to an RQ-180. An RQ-180 was lost last week in Afghanistan with competing claims of mechanical failure and the Taliban claiming a shootdown.

Regardless loss of older drones is not a significant accomplishment as ISIS claims. They are built and designed with losses in mind.

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