December 01, 2014

Arab Autumn! Down With Something Maybe A little Bit!


Anti-government Islamists in Egypt saw their calls for a day of mass protests to defend the coutnry’s “Islamic identity” fall flat on Friday, with low turnouts at scattered protests around the country.
Despite widespread apprehension of possible violence that caused many Egyptians to stay home, institutions to shut, and churches to suspend their activities, there were relatively few violent incidents.

One civilian was killed in clashes in Matariya in eastern Cairo, while three security personnel were reportedly killed. Two officers died in two separate incidents of drive-by shootings, one in Cairo and one just north of the capital in Qalioubiya, while one police conscript was killed in Ain Shams in Cairo during clashes.

Twenty-six people were injured in clashes in a number of cities, while some 220 people were arrested, officials said.

At least 10 small improvised bombs were defused in four governorates and two sound bombs detonated in highly secured areas of Cairo, with no casualties.

Friday also saw a few small rallies in support of the current authorities, with demonstrators raising Egyptian flags and chanting pro-army slogans.

Muslim Brotherhood of Losers....

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