November 16, 2014

ISIS Murders Muslim Revert Abdul Rahman Kassig

So whatever happened to the Islamic concept or repentance and the rule about Murdering one who submits and reverts. It just goes to show you that ISIS are nothing but butchers and snuff porn producers.

I chose to use Peter Kassig's Mulsim name, as it means Slave of Peace.

Former US Army Ranger – turned Muslim convert – Peter Kassig was allegedly beheaded by the Islamic State (IS) recently, according to several media outlets. Apparently 18 Syrian Air Force pilots were also beheaded, although the numbers vary from 18 to 20. However, a 19 min, 55 sec video has been posted on the topic:


The man in the black is an English-speaking jihadist assessed to be the infamous “Jihad John” grabbing a knife along with the other executioners.

The pilots are all lined up with their executioners behind them.

Jihad John speaks in a British accent starting at the 10:37 where he specifically calls out President Obama (referring to him as “The Dog of War”), stating that “today the Islamic State kills the Soldiers of Bashar, and tomorrow we will be slaughtering your Soldiers.” He also goes on to tell President Obama that jihadists will begin to also slaughter Americans in their own streets in their own land (the US homeland).

The video is very graphic as ISIS is apparently angry about the recent strikes and in a vain attempt to terrorize and intimidate those who would stand against them the film descends into a twisted and depraved snuff pron horror film with enhanced sound and uncut flashes of beheading in progress.

There can be no doubt that the civilized world must stand against this pure evil and snuff out ISIS utterly.

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