November 10, 2014

Nigerian Islamists Murder 50 School Kids for being the Wrong Kind of School Kids

The sin of these particular victims of mass murder? Two theories: they were in school, and remember that Boko Haram means, literally, Western education is forbidden; b) the kids were Shia -- ie, the wrong kind of Muslim.

Or maybe it was a combination of both? The perfect storm of Shia kids getting a Western education:

A suicide bomber disguised as a student detonated a bomb at a boarding school in northern Nigeria on Monday morning, killing nearly 50 boys who were between 10 and 20 years old, officials and witnesses said.

The bomber was wearing a school uniform when he appeared at the morning assembly at the Government Senior Science Secondary School in Potiskum, according to Mohammed Abubakar, a local journalist who had just returned from the scene of the bombing. When the school prefect asked the bomber why he was not wearing the school’s badge, he knelt down and detonated the bomb, Mr. Abubakar said.

After reading the entire NY Times story I just noticed that they never once mention that the town this happened in is a Shia enclave whereas Boko Haram is a Sunni organization. I saw the Shia connection on the BBC coverage of this. Is there some sort of agenda here that the MSM doesn't want us to see here that I'm not comprehending? Or is it just general MSM ignorance?

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