November 07, 2014

Phoenix ISIS Supporter Begging for Hot Federal Pound-Me-In-The-A** Action

I'd say this guy is putting us on, but we've seen clowns like this before announcing on the internet that they support terrorists. Most of them are in jail. Or dead.

This guy one ups the usual eHadi, and is taking his antics live. Apparently leaving ISIS propaganda throughout the greater Phoenix area. And taking pictures with the local police.


And he's already on the police radar:

An internal memo sent within the ranks of the Phoenix Police Department is talking about ISIS, the same terror group that's trying to take over parts of the Middle East.

The internal bulletin indicates someone is leaving ISIS propaganda nearby and posting about it on the web.

Also, here is his theory on why washing will help keep the Djin away. And why the "false Jews" are so bad, natch. You'll want to plug your ears when he sings. Let's just say he's no Omar Hammami.

Here's his twitter account:
And his YouTube:

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