November 06, 2014

Imperial Good News: Abu Abdullah al-Britani Dies in US Airstrike

Conservative Tribune:

Chalk up another win for the good guys. Recently, a British man who joined the Islamic State and often bragged about beheading Americans was reportedly killed on the ground inside Syria, according to Shiraz Maher of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence.

In the linked video William Hasmo Clinic's(on left) pal mocked US forces,
Saying to "bring them"
Well we brought them. LOL

A misguided young man by the name of William Hasmo Clinic who decided to convert to radical Islam and of course renamed himself Abu Abdullah al-Britani, was seen many times in online videos enthusiastically speaking about the death of of the West and how the Islamic state will “take their weaponry as booty and these people will die. You cannot come into Iraq and think that you will take it. No way. We are willing to lay down our blood on this soil.”

Al-Bratani did, in fact, lay down his blood on their soil, as he was killed while fighting for the women’s repression, statism, and senseless violence that is radical Islam.

Just keep talking sh*t ISIS just keep talking.

We'll be more than happy to feed those words back to you.

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