October 31, 2014

Meanwhile in Switzerland

ISIS supporters caught with porn that's illegal even in Switzerland.

Swiss authorities said on Friday they had arrested three Iraqi citizens in March who are suspected of providing support to Islamic State and planning an attack in Europe.

The three are also suspected of using explosives and toxic gases with criminal intent, of pornography offences and encouraging illegal access to and from Switzerland, the Swiss public prosecutor said a statement.

The trio, who were not named and have not yet been charged, are still in detention while investigations continue.

Switzerland has sought assistance from European authorities, the prosecutors said. A joint investigation team comprising officers from Switzerland's Federal Criminal Police and the U.S. FBI had also been set up, they said -- a first of its kind since the two countries signed a cooperation pact in 2006.

"No further details relating to this particular criminal investigation can be provided for operational reasons," the prosecutors' statement said.

The three arrests were reported last month by Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, but the Swiss authorities said they were only confirming the story now so as not to jeopardize the ongoing enquiries.

I know it seems out of place supposed pious Muslims who's computers are just dripping with all types of porn.

But on my experience that's pretty common, they will troll you on twitter fabout decadent western civilization for posting a little T&A. But secretly they are the most ravenous consumers of all the worst sorts of pedophilia and bestiality.

Jawa file image of a little T&A

Two of three Taliban webmasters were found to be whacking to porn by Internet Anthropologist.

I launched a bevy of BSU's at them
and we turned up 11 IPs,
In 4 cities all in Pakistan.
They claim to be operating from Afghanistan,
another one of their lies.
All of them speak English.

3 are in Karachi,
Dr Tariq,Azam Tariq and 2 staff.

( 24025),
He has since disappeared.
According to the content on their
PCs Azam Tarip was the only
one without boy porn on his PC.

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