October 27, 2014

Terrorists Will Never Beat Canada

And old friend of Jawa Report offers her commentary on the recent attacks ion Canada.

Life Freedom Family: The majority of Canadians did not personally know Cpl Cirillo or WO Vincent, but we mourn them. We mourn them not just because they were great men of courage, but because we see in them our brother, our father, our husband, our friend. We mourn them because their lives ended too soon. We mourn them because it is men like Cpl Cirillo and WO Vincent who make Canada great. As Cpl Cirillo’s family said in a statement late Friday afternoon, he was “Canada’s son.” This is why, on Friday, with but a few hours notice, thousands of Canadians lined overpasses stretching from Ottawa to Hamilton to pay their respects. I also stood on one of these overpasses with my son. We stood with people from all walks of life, with policemen, firefighters, paramedics, veterans, young, old, people of many races and religions, all to recognize Cpl Cirillo’s ultimate sacrifice. From this overpass, at the height of rush hour in the largest city in Canada, we watched the 401 come to a standstill and the entire Westbound lanes clear as the Ontario Provincial Police escorted Corporal Cirillo to his final resting place. People clapped, people stood at attention, some shed a tear. One thing is clear: For every one of us that terrorists kill there are a thousand more. We are not scared. We are not afraid to fight. You will never beat us.

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