October 10, 2014

Sandcrawler PSA: Shouting I Have Ebola! on a Plane is Really Bad Idea

I know its kind of like the Do not drink! warning on a bottle of bleach but, you know, teh schtoopid is the most plentiful resource that man has at his disposal.

The man, who was traveling to the Dominican Republic, was coughing on the flight, but thought it would be funny to shout that he has Ebola shortly before the plane(sic) landed.


*Hat Tip: Skelator.

(note the full video has the flight attendant announcing this man is an idiot at the link above, its worth the click. I had to chose, it was tough)

*Post in which I sic Alan Colmes, maybe my Spelling Nazi troll will go bug Skelator for a while.

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