October 09, 2014

ISIS Claim That it Had Taken Kobane Seems Premature

Last night ISIS began using a hash saying it was in total control of Kobane Syria. The hash was quickly polluted. (looks innocent) but it seemed clear that Kobane was about to fall.

Today somehow, by the skin of their teeth the Kurds have held out yet another day.

ISIS apparently suffered heavy losses in urban fighting with YPG and PKK.

The problem now for ISIS is that any large movement of reinforcements from Raqqa and other areas will be sitting ducks for US air power.

The problem for the Kurds is resupply as well. If they can get resupplied and ISIS can't bring in forces the tide may turn against ISIS. Handing them a very costly and humiliating defeat.

Lets pray for the Kurds and for ISIS defeat. The outcome is by no means certain. But Kurdish bravery and a little American air power have proven to be a bit more that ISIS and its supporters expected.

Now is ISIS stubborn enough to send even move forces into the meat grinder? We sure hope so.

Follow the action here and here.

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