October 06, 2014

Female Kurd Soldier Sacrifices Self To Defend Kobane

Any woman ISIS captures becomes a slave. She is horribly tortured and abused.

This Kurd woman, Arin Mirkan, decided to die fighting than allow herself to be captured.

Arin Mirkan

From Rudaw.net via Gateway Pundit:

A female Kurdish commander in the embattled city of Kobane in Syrian Kurdistan killed an unknown number of Islamic State (ISIS) fighters in a suicide attack on Sunday.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the woman, who was from a unit of the People's Protection Units (YPG), broke into an ISIS bastion around the eastern outskirts of Kobane, or Ayn al-Arab in Arabic.

She clashed with enemy fighters, fired grenades and then detonated herself with a grenade.

Another young woman also decided to kill herself than to face capture by ISIS:

A Syrian Kurdish female combatant, who appeared on a BBC report in September, shot herself with a last bullet during fighting with militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) last week, according to media reports.

Ceylan Ozalp, 19, was reportedly surrounded by ISIS fighters near the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobane also known as Ain al-Arab. After she run out of ammunition Ozalp said "goodbye" over the radio and spent her last bullet on killing herself.

Ozalp was featured in this BBC report. She is the one speaking (via translator) at the 1:00 minute mark:

One of these Kurd women are worth much more than a hundred ISIS. They are worth more than all of these Islamic terrorists put together.

R.I.P., heroes.

UPDATE: There are some conflicting reports about Ceylan Ozalp. She may still be alive. That's great news for Kurds, but not so much for ISIS, as she is reputed to be a fierce fighter. (Thanks, Paxreseda!)

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Ceylan Ozalp (BBC Image)

(Note: there seems to be some confusion about these two brave women. The same picture is being circulated for both. However, the stories are being reported as separate incidences.)

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