October 03, 2014

Kurds In Kobane Still Standing


A BBC correspondent across the border in Turkey saw explosions and smoke rising from buildings hit by shells.

IS has moved to within a few kilometres of the town despite US-led air strikes seeking to halt its two-week offensive.

On Thursday, Turkey's prime minister promised it would do whatever it could to prevent the fall of Kobane.

Ahmet Davutoglu spoke only hours after the Turkish parliament authorised military operations against militants in Iraq and Syria who threaten Turkey's security, and for foreign troops to use Turkish bases.

If Turkey is going to allow it we need to get some tank killers and AC-130's to support Kobane PDQ.

We must help these people stand against ISIS.

There are reports that ISIS is currently trying to enter the southern portion of the city, and may have taken some houses.

The situation is very fluid and there's a lot of information pollution on both sides.

Update: Live feed here.

Update: Apparently that is an ISIS tank burning near the cell towers. I'm not sure what happened as I was busy.

Update resident says no. ISIS shelled a building there.

Update 1:54 CDT USA:

Report of drones and strikes against ISIL outside Kobane/Kobani.

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