October 01, 2014

Hakim Don't Like It (Sanctuary Housing Services Responds)

But then again, screw Hakim.

Update: Sanctuary Housing Services responded to our query about the "situation" it seems flags might be too noisy.

Good Afternoon

Thank you for helping to highlight this situation. We are working to re-communicate our guidelines around the displaying of items, such as flags and advertisements, to staff.

Tenants have clear guidelines in respect of permissions for adaptations to our properties. Each situation must be considered on a case-by-case basis as we need to consider the impact on neighbours, not only from a visual and noise perspective (items flapping in the wind), but also to ensure we adhere to local by-laws.

Kind regards

Customer Services
Sanctuary Housing Services
Shared Services Centre
Well, that's one steaming heap of BS right there.

Update: Apparently I'm a massive helmet, its the cross of St. George that Hakim don't like. I've been called worse by better...


I like them all.

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