October 01, 2014

Afghan Soldiers Who Went AWOL To Canada Seeking Asylum Are Total Islamophobes

These soldiers fear that if they return to Afghanistan the government might fall and/or
the Taliban will cut their heads off. That's just crazy.

They watched a YouTube video to find the best way to cross the border into Canada. They made their getaway during a group outing to Walmart. And they spent more than $1,600 on taxis to travel from Cape Cod to a border checkpoint in Niagara Falls — just steps away, they hoped, from asylum and a new life.

The three Afghan soldiers who fled a training exercise on Camp Edwards last month never made it past the famed Rainbow Bridge to Canada. Instead, they are fighting deportation from a US immigration jail in this town surrounded by cornfields and cabbage patches — and on Tuesday, explained for the first time why they disappeared.

To send them back to the Afghan army, they say, would be to give them a death sentence. Family members of two soldiers have reported recent death threats. The men fear that if they return, they could be the victim of a Taliban assassin’s bullet.

“They catch us, they kill us,” Major Jan Arash, a slight 48-year-old man with thinning hair, said of the Taliban. “They tip those who kill us.”

The soldiers said the Taliban are targeting them for fighting alongside the Americans, and they are constantly dodging sniper fire for $400 to $500 a month in pay and little protection.

They sought asylum in Canada because they figured it was more likely to grant them protection than the United States.

“For me is not important, Canada or America,” he said. “I need just asylum.”

Well that certainly is between a rock and a hard place. If Obama lets them stay, he is admitting the Taliban is still dangerous. If he sends them home, he sends men who have served with us, for us he quite possibly is sending them to their death.

I for one would grant them Asylum, because being kind of a phobe myself, I think their fears that Taliban might chop off their heads is justified.

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