September 24, 2014

Imperial Good News: A LOT of Mujahideen Dead (bumped)

A great big old pile of dead Muj!

Yes we are relentless and harsh. You had it coming bitches.

Bonus: The Iraqis are also, you know, harshing ISIS' mellow.

Update: al-Nusra claims its leader was killed

Terror group: 'Turk' is dead

The airstrikes, meanwhile, appear to have taken a toll on another terror group, killing the leader of the al Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front, according to a statement released by the group. It identified the leader as Abu Yousef al-Turki, also known as "The Turk."

The al-Nusra statement posted on Twitter was accompanied by a so-called proof-of-death -- a photograph -- of the former fighter.

His pic, LOL

Jim, this man is dead.

Don't look at US, it must have been Assad, Oh who cares so long as he's dead.

Syria, its a death magnet for the Muj!

Is this a dead man Dr.?


Very dead Mr. Spock.

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