August 25, 2014

Meanwhile in Amerli Iraq

The leadership of Army Aviation to deliver humanitarian aid and Almún of food and medical supplies to families in the besieged city of Amerli, was evacuated large groups of women, children and patients trapped by the terrorist gangs Daash.

Amerli is a town in Northern Iraq.

Amirli (also spelt Amerli) is a town in the Tooz District of Salah ad Din Governorate, near the border with Diyala Governorate, in northern Iraq, about 100 km from the Iranian border. It has a population of 26,000, mainly from Iraq's Turkoman ethnic minority. It is the centre of a farming region.[1]

On June 7, 2007, a bombing in the market place killed 105 people and injured 250.[2]

The town, and its nearly 15,000 Shia Turkmen,[3] has been besieged by the Islamic State since June 2014.[4] It has been running out of food, water, and supplies. A U.N. representative stated, "The situation of the people in Amerli is desperate and demands immediate action to prevent the possible massacre of its citizens."[5]

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