August 18, 2014

Islamic State of Losers Having Very Bad Week

First ISIS lost complete control of its frighten the Americans Twitter campaign with Americans banding together in support of frightened goats everywhere.


Next Twitter suspended many of the top ISIS supporters.

he vicious jihadist group known as ISIS has overrun vast stretches of Syria and Iraq — but it’s beginning to lose ground on Twitter.

Over the past week, Twitter administrators have stepped up their efforts to suspend accounts affiliated with the extremist group, according to experts tracking ISIS on social media and other sources.

Dozens of accounts have been terminated in the past week alone.
Charles Lister, a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center, said 12 official ISIS “provincial-level accounts, upon which they published all news — military, political, social, religious — for that specific area,” were disabled by Twitter on Aug. 11 after operating for months.

The next day, ISIS members re-created and advertised the accounts — only to have Twitter disable them, too, Lister said. The accounts were relaunched yet again — and suspended a third time, Lister said. By Saturday morning, just one one inactive account remained.

This caused a terrible shortage of snuff porn inside the Jihadi community.

Cash strapped intelligence Analysts cringed at the prospect of getting a real job, resorting to hitting up destitute bloggers for $$$.

As the week continued ISIS continued to lose ground, suffering losses from US airstrikes and losing control of Iraq's largest dam to Kurdish forces.

An offensive to wrest control of a critical dam in northern Iraq from Sunni militants continued on Monday, as Kurdish and Iraqi forces tried to clear the area of mines and booby traps.

The campaign, which represents the most highly coordinated operation involving U.S., Kurdish and Iraqi forces since American troops left Iraq in 2011, began on Sunday and appeared to have beaten back much of the Islamic State's fighters occupying the area in and around the Mosul Dam.

By early Monday, Iraqi military officials said the strategic post had been retaken. Gen. Qassim Atta, a spokesman for Iraq's military in Baghdad, said the Iraqi flag was flying over the site and the military was now working on dismantling 170 explosives planted there by Islamic State militants.

...The ground campaign followed nearly two dozen U.S. airstrikes over the weekend. Jet fighters and armed drones targeted insurgent positions near the dam and at Erbil, capital of the semiautonomous Kurdish region, according to the U.S. Central Command, which oversees American forces in the Middle East.

The U.S. has conducted roughly 50 airstrikes in Iraq since Aug. 8. when President Barack Obama authorized U.S. air support after the Islamic State gained ground and fears that the Yazidi minority in the region would be targeted by the militants.

The airstrikes will continue until the Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces can retake the position, a U.S. defense official said.

And to make matters worse for ISIS, its now their dead burnt bodies that are appearing on the internet.

Then just as the offensive against ISIS was really getting underway, Assad decided it would be a good time to bomb their so called capital in Raqqa.

yrian war planes bombed positions belonging to the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) in the northern province of Raqqa for a second day Monday, an activist group said.

Regime planes killed 31 jihadists and eight civilians Sunday in an unprecedented wave of aerial bombardment against the group in its Raqqa bastion.

The bombing continued Monday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, with at least 14 raids against jihadist positions.

There was no immediate death toll in the renewed bombing.

Three raids targeted the area around the town of Tabqa in western Raqqa and four hit near the Tabqa military airport, the only remaining regime-held position in the province.

The other seven strikes hit sites inside Raqqa city, the provincial capital.

Well it couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch of Losers, The Islamic State of Losers in Iraq and Syria.

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