August 18, 2014

Japanese Man Captured Reportedly Executed by ISIS in Iraq

I'm reading a lot of stuff saying that Haruna Yukawa is feared captured by ISIS. Um uh, if he's not been killed by now it would be some sort of miracle.


he Japanese government is investigating a video that purportedly shows a Japanese national being interrogated by fighters of the Islamic State after being captured in northern Syria.

Officials said in a statement that Tokyo was looking into reports that Haruna Yukawa, 42, is in the hands of the jihaidist group - formerly known as Isis - and that the government is treating the case as an abduction.

It is not clear why Yukawa had travelled to Syria, but he is believed to have linked up with the Islamic Front, a rival rebel group, after entering from Turkey on the border near the city of Kilis in late July,

Pictures on Mr Yukawa's Facebook page (above) apparently show him alongside rebels and firing an AK47 machine gun in the desert. His profile describes him as the CEO of a Tokyo-based organisation called Private Military Company.

Media reports have suggested that he is a self-styled mercenary, although it appears he is more of a war enthusiast who wanted to get close to the fighting in Syria.

Well, he certainly got closer that he bargained for, here is Haruna Yukawa apparently along side Kurdish forces in Kirkuk as of July 7th.


Here is a video of him published by ISIS.

A clip of a second video oddly enough from the Syrian regime.

Here is a copy of the first video with English subtitles.

There are claims he has been executed but I have no photos of video confirmation of that.

I would expect that unless ISIS thinks it can extract ransom for Mr. Yukawa he will be executed.

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