August 17, 2014

Pallywood Comes To Ferguson

A picture circulating on Twitter shows a "hot" shell casing that, I suppose, proves police are using live ammo against protesters:


Wow, @TheTechCEO found in right in front of him. It was even still hot! So, it must have really happened tonight right there in Ferguson! Good thing he took the picture to preserve the moment.

But wait, check out the dates. (You can click on either image to go to the Twitter post, if it hasn't been deleted yet.) The same image was posted a couple of months ago:


Oops. Maybe Ferguson protesters hired HAMAS' PR firm? Both these tweeters are currently covering the protests in Ferguson with an anti-police slant. With that in mind, what are the odds that one of them just inadvertently and coincidentally posted an image taken by the other two months ago?

Unfortunately, this falsehood will be a "fact" by morning, based solely on this photograph.

UPDATE: @TheTechCEO is now saying someone sent him the picture of the "still hot" shell casing he found right in front of him.


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