August 11, 2014

Jawas Welcome Home Abu Omar al Amreeki

aka Donald Ray Morgan.

A Brooklyn judge ordered a suspected American militant who pledged allegiance to the terrorist leader of ISIS held without bail after he was arrested at Kennedy Airport, the Daily News has learned.


FBI agents nabbed Donald Ray Morgan, a 44-year-old ex-convict from North Carolina, on Aug. 2 when he returned to the United States after an eight-month stay in Lebanon, where his wife lives.

Morgan, who has a previous conviction for firing a gun, had allegedly been brokering deals for military-grade weapons and ammo in his home state and was indicted for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

But what caught counter-terrorism agents attention were his chilling Twitter rants from the Middle East under the alias “Abu Omar al Amreeki.”

Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Nadia Moore presented a sampling of the evidence to Magistrate Ramon Reyes at a bail hearing last week to support her argument that the alleged gun trafficker was too dangerous to return to North Carolina on his own.

Although it looks like Omar's twitter feed has been scrubbed there are still quite a few items remaining. I recognized him as one I'd run across talking with various pro-Palestinian outlets and with the UK group known as Caged Prisoners.

Here's Mr. Morgan cc'ed in little chat about Hamas and Gaza.

Don't you know ISIS protect the churches. LOL

Here's some remnants of his Twitter feed on twitpic.

And here is a Google Cache copy of a third party site copy of his now defunct Twitter feed.


Please take a seat Donald we be with you in 30 years to life. And also Twitter is totally 100% anonymous, we swear!

Update. Here's a little graphic that Bemet'or and Switched made to F*ck with Donald.

click for larger

As well as a list of Twitter conversations that Donald was mentioned in.


Fishy? LOL

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