August 11, 2014

ISIS Not As Fond of Death As They Advertise

ISIS retreats after US sand gets all up in their nether regions.

Islamist extremists who have overrun swaths of Iraq made a rare retreat in an area hit by U.S. airstrikes and gave up some territory they had won from Kurdish forces, in an early sign of impact from the three-day-old American campaign.

The Peshmerga said they overtook Islamic State positions in Makhmur District, a region north of the city of Kirkuk, as well as the nearby town of Gwair. The fighters, also known as ISIS or ISIL, had taken over the two towns last week as part of a broader push toward Erbil.

"ISIS is starting to realize there are consequences to using heavy artillery and equipment near Erbil," said one senior U.S. defense official. "It's going to slow them down and give the Pesh time to fortify lines with supplies they're getting from [the Iraqi military] and from the U.S."

What cowards, they say they seek death and so we're trying very hard to help them reach Jannah, and then they chicken out and retreat?

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