August 11, 2014

U.S. Government Doing What It Does Best - Wasting Taxpayer Money

I have absolutely no objection to helping the Yazidis people. We should be arming them in addition to providing humanitarian relief.

I do object to government incompetence that seems hellbent on throwing away U.S. tax dollars.

From The Telegraph (emphasis mine):

Two American aid flights have also made it to the mountain, where they have dropped off more than 36,000 meals and 7,000 gallons of drinking water to help the refugees, and last night two RAF C-130 transport planes were also on the way.

However, Iraqi officials said that much of the US aid had been "useless" because it was dropped from 15,000ft without parachutes and exploded on impact.

They may as well have just thrown stacks of money out of the plane.

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