August 06, 2014

Amtrak Safety Experts Tell Us How To Survive An Encounter With An 'Armed Person'

Amtrak law enforcement experts instruct you how to respond to a lone gunman (aka armed person):


  • Be aware of surroundings. They may be the last thing you ever see.
  • Call 911. Sure, it will take much longer for them to get there than the shooter needs to kill you, but they can use your vain pleas for help to promote their gun control agenda long after you are buried.
  • Take flight if there is an accessible route away from shooter, as opposed to, say, running directly towards the shooter. Once outside, linger by entrance to chat with strangers.
  • If you can't take flight, hide. A random wall or pillar strategically placed in the center of the room will easily meet this demand. Unless by some freak chance the shooter decides to look behind it.
  • If you can't take flight or hide, throw random items at the shooter. Yes, that will probably just piss him off even more than whatever life event pushed him over the edge in the first place, but a duffel bag filled with clothing and toiletries might bring much needed humor to an otherwise hopeless situation. Especially if you launch it fifteen feet toward an attacker twenty feet away.
  • Shoot him. (This option is not available because if you are an armed person, everyone is running from YOU!)

(Hat Tip: IHTM)

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