August 04, 2014

Telegraph Gaza Photo Bullsh*t

The Telegraph posted this "remarkable" image of a missile falling on Gaza:


It is amazing until the article includes a second image from the same location. This image is even more amazing because it shows either the world's fastest donkey cart or the world's slowest missile. Look how much the foreground changes while the missile seemingly floats above its target:


The differences are apparently lost on the Telegraph journalist, who writes about the second image:

In another wider view from almost the same angle, a donkey cart has moved into focus and the cars have continued on their journey.

Oh! Its a wider view! Well, that explains the magically appearing donkey, the disappearing cars, and the bobbing Lockheed missile...

Even assuming two missiles were dropped and both were miraculously captured on camera, one had to have struck before the other. But there is no explosion in either picture indicting one had already detonated.

I'm calling it bullshit. A target may have actually been bombed where the missiles in the images are apparently headed, but these photographs are Pallywood propaganda.

Below the fold, I posted both pictures side-by-side for comparison. (It is also handy to share on Twitter or other social media.)


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