August 04, 2014

If All The Kurds Pulled As Hard As They Could in Unison?

Would it be enough force to remove Obama and Malaki's heads from each other's rectums?

The ancient northern Iraqi town of Sinjar emptied Sunday, with thousands of people fleeing on foot as Sunni extremist militants made their first significant punches through the defenses of overstretched Kurdish forces.

The town of Wana also fell Sunday, putting the Islamic State within striking distance of Mosul’s hydroelectric dam, the largest in the country. After nearly two months of skirmishes, it was a second day of losses for the Kurds with extremists seizing the nearby town of Zumar on Saturday and two small oil fields.

Later reports are that ISIS is in control of the dam and the oil, which they will sell on the international market through an agreement with Bashar al-Assad though ISIS' Baathist ties.

Oh by the way the answer to the headline is no.

The Kurds are the only counterbalance to ISIS advance in Northern Iraq. ISIS has cut off any route Iraqi oil could take through the regime and onto the Iraqi port at Umm Qasr. Malaki refuses to allow Kurdish oil to flow north through Turkey to be sold on the open market.

Meanwhile the Kurds continue to fight ISIS, short handed and under equipped with no aid at all coming from the Obama administration or the Iraqi regime. Its almost as if they want ISIS to take all of Iraq and punish the Shia to the south int he same manner that Saddam did after the first gulf war.

Meanwhile ISIS feels comfortable enough to take part of Lebanon.

Seriously we couldn't do worse if we tried.

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