July 24, 2014

Space Image Showing Gaza In Flames?

Astronaut Alexander Gerst tweeted a picture from space that he claims shows explosions in Gaza. But as you can see when compared to a map of the region, the "explosions" are simply city lights in Israel, not Gaza (which is relatively dark).

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Whether this astronaut is just ignorant in geography of the area or deliberately posted misinformation is irrelevant. The pro-Palestinian sheep have already fallen into step, retweeting it 33,000 times as of this writing.

UPDATE: Times of Israel also noticed the inconsistency. They marked off Israeli cities (though they included the Egyptian city of Rafah as a part of Gaza):


But facts and accuracy are not relevant to anti-Israeli pundits.

UPDATE II: Its bad enough an astronaut exposes his ignorance on his twitter feed, but now NASA is backing his vision of Gaza in flames.

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