July 22, 2014

Pallywood Rises

Magical sniper bullet causes a Palestinian "civilian" to teleport 20 feet. (@2:02 @2:23)


I guess they had to edit out him climbing over the rubble to get into position.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of the "victim" from the other direction. No blood and no wounds from supposedly three sniper shots:


One other thing that's out of place - where did all these pots and pans come from? Watch the video just before he supposedly gets shot. There are no pots on the ground where they are. But after he is on the ground, there are pots everywhere.

More updates below the fold.

UPDATE II: I found these two images, one before the "sniper" shooting and one just after. I circled the corresponding points to orient. The yellow circle is the painted wall where the "victim" was supposedly shot.

Notice in the first picture, the man and woman in vests are far behind the so-called victim (in the green shirt.) That suggests they followed the victim past the sniper line-of-fire and the "victim" backtracked, or they crossed the line-of-fire after the "victim" was shot.


Also note the bag of what appears to be reflective vests. If they were so concerned about snipers, why didn't they give one to the man in green?

Note: At 01:44 02:00 in the video, you can see the barrels (circled in green in photographs.) They are very close to those barrels (or whatever those things are). That means they had passed the sniper's line-of-fire when the "victim" was supposedly shot. But somehow the body was moved back to that point. He certainly didn't stumble over all that rubble in under 2 seconds.

The more I watch the video and look at pictures, the more this smells like a Pallywood production.

UPDATE III: Youtube removed the video I had embedded so I switched to a Liveleak video. I also had to change the mentioned times to correspond with those points in the video.

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