July 18, 2014

Hamas: The Millionaire Boys Club

Terrorism is very profitable, especially if clueless activists and idiot leftists help stir the hatred for your enemy.

Very soon after seizing control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, Hamas and its allies began escalating rocket fire against the Jewish state. Given the severity of the Israeli reprisals, that wouldn't seem very good for business. But, in fact, it is.

Over the past seven years, Hamas' leadership has pulled in outrageous sums of money thanks to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Most of the profits were the result of exorbitant taxes on the goods smuggled from Egypt in tunnels running under the Gaza border, or grossly overcharging for subsidized Egyptian fuel.

Neither of those revenue streams would be possible without violently provoking Israel to lay siege to Gaza.

Similarly, Hamas profits are threatened by the enormous quantities of humanitarian aid and other goods that Israel and the international community pump into Gaza every month, which is why numerous reports suggest Hamas blocks that aid from ever reaching local residents.

Not unlike America's elitists who are profiting off the suffering of Americans and the illegal immigration coming across our southern border.

And not unlike our own "community organizers" whose profits are threatened by American exceptionalism.

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